Some Newish Comics

I bought a few of the comics you told me to buy, Tumblr. Here are some of the ones I liked, that I’ve read so far. I’ll write about them as quickly as I can.

Lumberjanes: I liked this! Felt like a babble, five characters I don’t know yet talking over each other, but doing so because they were eager, the comic is suffused with eagerness. Wanting to exist is half the battle. Liked the structure - action-exposition-retelling action so you twig that the important part of the action was the bit you were just too late for. Feels cartoon-ready in a good way - I wonder if post-Adventure Time, all-ages indie comics and cartoons are in a virtuous circle, games raising all round,  the way Hollywood getting Marvel Comics right re-energised that company and its creators, SPEAKING OF WHICH

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Guinea pig eating a strawberry (photography by @bravestofthepack)

andrewtsks asked: Hey, why'd you list Placebo as an import in your "Big Tent" post? They're English (if you mean the band... am I confused?)

The person who mentioned them said “not British but…” and I couldn’t remember either way (and didn’t check!). For some reason I thought Brian Molko was Canadian but it turns out he’s from Belgium! Not that this makes them less of an English ‘thing’ I guess.

i imagine most are distributed on the left side with 1d/taylor spiking on the right and hopefully kanye close to the right awell

Oh! I meant has anyone formatted their OWOB in a worst-to-best list way (i,e. start on Monday with the worst) - actually ranked all the OWOBs, that would be mean. Compulsive reading, but mean. The KLF one goes above the ABBA one, that’s all I can say.

Time Wasting Sweepstakes

Thankyou for your suggestions for LISTICLES (more suggestions welcome). So far:

  • Music videos: Yeah! I think of myself as visually somewhat illiterate but it’s a good idea.
  • Pet Shop Boys: Several people wanted this. I was planning to pitch Actually to 33 1/3 but didn’t, and I had a OWOB pitch worked out but someone has done it.* Er… yes, very possibly. Singles not albums. Maybe PSB videos!
  • Lee/Ditko Spiderman: Has the advantage of there not being many, Has the disadvantage of being hard to separate. The one where Spidey is chased by a robot with JJJ’s face on its stomach is surely #1. I mean, yes, lifting up the rubble, much hero, so effort, but that one is distilled sitcom perfection. LOOK AT HIS FACE.
  • Early 2000AD Stores: SO TEMPTED. Death Planet v Ant Wars! When would the cut-off be? 520? HMMMM. Really good (“good”) idea.
  • Madonna: Singles I guess. Tempting because it means listening to all the Madonna singles, and her hit rate is astonishing. But I can think of a ton of people who should do this before I did.
  • Puns involving the word pop: Arf.
  • Alcopops: Hooch Mon! No.
  • 80s TV Ads: Wait, all of them? Skolar. Follow The Bear. You got an ology. Papa? Nicole? Wait no that was 90s.
  • Key Texts Of Poptimism: No such thing.
  • Guinea pig gifs: All equal first.

*Has anyone done a worst-to-best clickbait OWOB yet?

Help Me Sell My Soul

As I confessed on Twitter, I have a terrible secret ambition to do one of those giant clickbait-y worst-to-best list posts. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it. What would you like to see me do one on?

At the same event, BBC Radio 1’s music chief, George Ergatoudis, said rock was suffering a natural downswing after being the dominant musical genre in the mid-2000s.

As that era peaked, he recalled, “the audience were literally begging us to stop playing some of the bands.

(it should be said that even I - no genre purist - feel bad about saddling poor old ‘rock’ with the likes of the Wombats and Pigeon Detectives)
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Meridian Dan ft Big H & JME - “German Whip”

Being completely out of touch w/new sounds I only heard “German Whip” this week, as it’s set to go Top 10. It’s the best thing I’ve heard in months. It’s also the only thing I’ve heard in months but never mind that.