Soft Drums!

They’re back!! I’ve heard lots of soft, muffled, paddy* synth drums on pop records just lately, for that nebulous cusp-of-the-80s/90s vibe.

- The new Hot Chip album has ‘em! GOOD!

- So does the Hurts single! NOT SO GOOD!

- So does Alicia Keys’ “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart”, in fact the whole production on that sounds deliberately submerged like she’s trying to create her own hi-gloss version of “chillwave”. (It is awesome). GOOD!

- And in a funny way I think the whole thing may have sprung out of Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”. ALSO GOOD!

Here is your moody fag-end-of-the-80s soft-synth primer in one song.

*excuse my TECHNICAL TERMS here.


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    "hi-gloss version of "chillwave" " shall be my imaginary genre for today.
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    Haha, whohoooo! Soft drums have been my favorite since the song “Kid A” on Kid A.
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    YES! Also: The-Dream’s bubble drums. This sound > not this sound, almost always. Especially nice Prince/Whitney...
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